Borgholm skatepark

Borgholm skatepark was built in 2019 and became Ölands first concrete-park. The park was created for the new skate scene on the island

Friends arena activity park

On our own initiative we brought forward a vision on how to activate the free asphalt space between Mall of Scandinavia and Friends arena

Solna gate courtyard

On behalf of the real-estate company Klövern we have redrawn the courtyard to Solna gate. The courtyard is now equipped with seatings and gym equipments.

Dalarö activity park

On Dalarö we have drawn an activity park where the parkour facilities concrete-elements resembles the remains of a house.

Ripples on the water

At the entrance of Täbys new indoor swimming pool that is expected to be finished year 2020, we have adorned the square with organic concrete forms.